I am Shagun, and this is my WFH Day at Daminico


If you’re one of our clients and living with us on our Basecamp, you would probably know me already. If not, then I am writing this mini journal to tell you about myself and what my typical work from home day looks like at Daminico.

In fact, I realized a photo journal of my day would make it more interesting. A gentle reminder – these are WFH days. So, the place behind me is my house. Daminico is 100% remote. Thanks, COVID.

9:30 am – Woke up to a beautiful rainy morning. I would love to start my day early but I’m not a morning person and I love me a good snooze #guilty! 

10 am – Today for breakfast, I had a Mushroom toast with my iced coffee, out on the balcony. I can not start my morning without my ice-cold coffee and my “WFH” playlist.

10:15 am – I began my day by checking emails of course and checking in on Basecamp, replying to clients. For me, personally, the first 3-4 hours of the day are the most productive and set the tone for the day. With all the morning commotion around the house, I have set up my table in such a way that it keeps me from getting distracted during the day. This is what it looks like. 

Only staying active will make you want to live a hundred years”. – Japanese proverb from Ikigai

11:30 am – Got on a call with the content writer to update her on what’s happening with Heidi Carey’s blogs. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Heidi Carey and I’m sure learning a lot along the way.  

Noon – Got in a 10-minute struggle with my dog to get him off the bed. 

I mean, just look at that face! 

12:10 pm – Got some more work done. I like to make a list of all my to-do’s during the day and check them off as I go. There are days when I have to exhibit superhuman forces to focus and get things done but taking a small break helps me to clear my head and get back to focus mode. 

Hello from my Desk.

2:30 pm – Took a lunch break. For lunch today, I had some leftovers from last night (not worth a picture) and enjoyed the rain. Yes, it has been raining since morning and it’s raining still! 

3:30 pm – Got back to work. Today as I was working on a link-building project and proofreading some articles, the mid-day slump hit me. And I blame the weather for that! I usually don’t have more than 1 cup of coffee a day, but today, I think I’m gonna need another. 

5:30 pm – I just saw a beautiful rainbow and it’s time to sign off!

One of the biggest surprises, once I freed myself from the traditional 9–5 environment, was how much more work I was getting done sitting at home rather than going to the office. When you unlock the power of remote work, you can ditch your commute, focus better, and spend more time doing things you love.