6 Right Ways to Drop Ship Without Looking like a Scam Store


Dropshipping is an extremely popular business model for many new entrepreneurs due to online marketing skills outweighing financial capacity. As an agency, we have a lot of clients who have opted for a dropshipping model as their first step into the world of entrepreneurship. You can basically run a business without holding any inventory. This model not only cuts operational costs but also frees up time to focus all your efforts on customer acquisition. In fact, some of our clients were able to survive the pandemic solely because they were a dropshipping business.

But how to run a successful dropshipping business without looking like a scam store you may ask? Well, here are 6 things to keep in mind while designing your store. 

  1. Creating a Unique Selling Point 

When you opt for a dropshipping model, it is extremely important to have a range of products that are harmonious and not picked at random. Research what products would fit well with your strategy, market and customer base. Always ask yourself: what does my store have that others don’t?

It is crucial to have a unique identity for your business. Remember, most dropshipping stores do not look like dropshipping stores at all. You need to put your own personal stamp on your store and you’ll be surprised how many customers will come to your store and make a purchase. 

  1. Having a Social Media Presence

As a fashion brand, you have got no excuse for your store not to be on social media in today’s day and age. Not only do social platforms help to increase your customer base but they also help to spread awareness about your brand. Since 80% of Instagram users follow a business on social media platforms, posting original content on social media can help multiply sales and look like a legit business. Social media marketing can be challenging with new features and trends popping every day. Therefore, for brands who aspire to stand out from the fierce competition, it is important to stay updated on social media platforms to stay relevant. With so many dropshipping businesses out there with the same products as yours, it’s all about how you’re marketing your products to your audience.

  1. Have Exclusive Partnerships with Suppliers

A common pitfall in the dropshipping model is that any number of competitors could be selling the exact same products as yours. Therefore, finding the right supplier and having an exclusive partnership with your supplier can sometimes make the biggest difference. An exclusive partnership will allow you to list products on your website that might not be available to other retailers. This will help set you apart from the competition and you won’t look like another dropshipping business. 

  1. Avoid Underpricing Your Products

Since dropshipping allows you to maintain a lower product cost, the cost of the products is usually relatively close to wholesale prices. Therefore, you should refrain from underpricing your products. You must consider the cost of products, marketing, business expenses etc before pricing your products too low. Even if other brands are undercutting their prices, do not undercut yours. As long as your pricing is fair and within market value, you should maintain a profitable price point. Instead, focus on increasing your average order value so that you can make a profit from every order. Create strategies that will allow you to make more profit overall without considering the competition.

  1. Well Built Website

One of the most important dropshipping tips is to make sure you have a presentable and customer friendly website. Many dropshipping stores have missing home pages, uncategorized products and lack overall aesthetics. Start by looking at other websites and taking notes. What do their product pages look like? Do the images include logos on them? What features or apps does the store have? Once you’ve done your research, incorporate all the elements of a good online store and try to include pages like refund policy, FAQs, shoppable Instagram galleries or affiliate programs. For banners use the original content that you have created or use stock free images that look realistic. Having a well-built online store will make or break your business. 

  1. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

There are ways to stand out when you’re selling the same product as everyone else. One of the best ways to do so is by offering exceptional customer service. Offering quick refunds and responding to customer inquiries sometimes isn’t enough with so much competition. You can write them to thank you cards if they order from your store multiple times. Run monthly giveaways or just make their overall shopping experience something that they would remember. Do your best to make your customer feel valued and appreciated. Customers might not always remember what they bought from your website but they’ll always remember their shopping experience. 

We have seen numerous businesses, some of which succeeded and some did not. That’s part of the uncertainty that comes with starting a dropshipping store and venturing into the unknown. What separates entrepreneurs from mere dreamers is a willingness to move forward despite the uncertainty by giving it their best shot. These tips are just a few ways for you to stand out in this highly competitive industry. Armed with this information, make the best decision you can. If you are planning to start a dropshipping business, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to help.