How Ecommerce Brands are using Skim Links for Press and Monetisation


As an eCommerce Agency, we get asked about our experience with different marketing channels quite frequently. Ever since the IOS 14 update, many retailers are facing a downfall in ad performance which has prompted them to look out for more options to drive traffic and sales. Affiliate marketing is a service that we offer to our clients. Therefore, we would like to share one such platform that we have seen many clients using with great success and it is Skimlinks.

If you are a blogger or editorial content website, you might have heard about Skimlinks. It has also become a gateway between PR professionals and major media publications looking for new ways to make money. With clientele like Hearst, Conde Nast, Huffington Post, Skimlinks, a subsidiary of Taboola is now one of the leading the way when it comes to Affiliate Marketing for eCommerce brands. So, if you’re still not sure what Skimlinks is all about, don’t worry because we are going to explore the world of affiliate marketing.

What exactly is Skimlinks?

Skimlinks is a content monetization platform that allows you to passively and effortlessly monetize your content. Over the past decade, it has become the ​​world’s largest content monetisation platform that enables more than $5.5 million worth of transactions each day.  The technology behind Skimlinks automatically earns publishers a share of sales they drive through product links in commerce-related content. 

In recent years, Skimlinks has also changed how PR professionals pitch editorial content to reporters. The pitches that assist with the monetisation are often considered more because the editors want to make sure that the content will make money for the brands that they represent. If the reader clicks through the affiliate link and purchases, the publication will earn a piece of that transaction from the affiliate brand. 

How does it work for eCommerce brands like you?

The setup process is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you install Skimlinks, it will automatically scan your content for relevant product links. You can drive traffic to the merchant’s home page and create links that take the reader straight to the product page.

The best part about Skimlinks is that you can even monetise your Amazon and Pinterest links. You simply have to use the Skimlinks editor browser extension which alerts you when you visit a Skimlinks merchant and it will automatically give you an affiliated short URL within seconds. You can immediately post products on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms. 

When it comes to the “WHY” the answer is simple. Most media companies do not have the resources to monetise each relevant keyword and link them to established financial relationships with brands. The process can be extremely time-consuming and long. The automation that Skimlinks offers makes sense for brands with limited resources and rapidly expanding content.


Skimlinks offers an incredibly lucrative opportunity that is mutually beneficial to the brands as well as the publishers. It is a fuss-free and easy way for publications to monetize their old content which is generating traffic by automatically switching the ordinary links to Skimlinks affiliate links. If you have an understanding of how to properly manage these tools, it can be game-changer for many brands and publications.