12 Inspiring Home Decor Shops on Shopify


Oftentimes, it is said that all Shopify websites look the same, but that certainly is far from being true. Shopify stores can be customised in dozens of ways with the right tweaks. From the product images, content, to customisation options and branding, everything makes an everlasting impression. So, if you’re looking for inspiration while building your Shopify Home Decor store, this blog might be of help to you! 

From furniture and bed linen to lighting and rugs, we round up 12  of the most inspiring home decor brands. Use these stores as inspiration for your eCommerce brand, your living space, or for your next shopping spree!

1. Brooklinen

If you listen to sponsored podcasts or watch youtube videos, you have probably heard of Brooklinen. Brooklinen is a bed linen brand that sells uber comfortable, high-quality sheets for a fair and reasonable price. 

The number one reason to add them to the list is that they have over 80,000 5 star reviews. Their website has a “take a quick” section which is great for consumers who may be overwhelmed by different fabrics and bedding products and might also inspire them to try out something new. It is also a smart addition in terms of data collection to retain information about the visitors for marketing purposes. We love this one! 

2. Shoppe Amber Interiors

Shoppe Amber Interiors is a home and lifestyle store that carries a unique and covetable collection of timeless pieces. They have a beautiful selection of homeware products, their products are moderately priced and the aesthetics of the website are absolutely on point.

Potential customers can hone in on exactly what they are looking for with the horizontal menu that lives on the top as they shop. We also love the fact that all the information regarding the availability and deliverability of the products is clearly mentioned on the product page. The customer has to agree to the conditions and only then the order can be placed. This way, there’s no scope for confusion. They also have images of how the products can be styled, which is of course an added bonus.

3. Bend Goods

Founded in 2010 by Gaurav Nanda, a sculptor, a visual designer, Bend goods is the brand for funky decorators. The brand strives to create sustainable functional artwork-like furniture using wire, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The products come in a range of colours, from black and whites to oranges and blues, ensuring these pieces will stand out in your home.

The branding is simple which shifts the focus more on the products and photography makes you want to buy everything on the website and that’s exactly what you want while building an eCommerce website. The product pages include animated pictures, switching from one angle to another, and also have stunning pictures of the products styled.

4. Fyrn

Built on the principles of banishing the “use-and-discard” culture, Ros Broughton and David Charne founded Fyrn with the goal of producing “products that never need to be thrown away.” The website is intentional and minimal in the best way with high-quality images, leaving a long-lasting impression.

The products are built to last and the wood and brackets can be customised as per the customer’s liking. The product swatches allow you to see exactly what the customisation would look like, which is an important feature when it comes to home decor brands. 

Fyrn also allows you to order a design kit that includes woof, metal, and upholstery samples, to create the perfect fit for your home and this also reduces the risk of product returns. The best part is that they offer In-home trials for up to 3 weeks and if required they offer easy returns with no restocking fee.

5. Namu

Namu, the brainchild of Diana Ryu is a curated heritage woodwork brand with a distinct Korean-American aesthetic. The brand offers products that would look perfect in a modern mid-century home as they would look in a traditional Hanok AKA Korean home. 

This artisanal brand has an interesting story and introduction about the artisan on each product page which makes it intimate and personal. The inspiration, process, and the final product is presented in a beautiful way and the copy makes all the difference. The products are meant to be passed down generations and that shows in how intentional their content is. 

6. Hem

Hem is a Stockholm-based independent design brand creating a new generation of furniture, accessories, and lighting. Hem collaborates with vanguard designers and renowned European manufacturers to create iconic products. Their website screams Scandinavian design with a hint of colour and fun. 

The homepage features high-quality banners of beautifully styled and photographed home decor pieces. But, what stood out the most to us is the “About Us” page. The graphics as well as the copy are loud and clear while being aesthetically pleasing. The “Hem Stories” section is also a great insight into the process. It’s definitely one of our top Shopify stores in terms of appearance.

7. Cultiver

Cultiver is an Australian brand that offers premium quality linens and textile products with modern convenience. Their website does a great job of selling an experience rather than selling just a product. At first glance, the website looks luxurious and effortless. 

On the homepage, you can find websites where the brand has been featured and it also provides a sense of social proof. The homepage is particularly interesting with the filter menu placed vertically on the left-hand side of the screen that makes it stand out from the usual. The brand also expanded its store to multiple countries which gave them a tremendous uptake. 

8. Bed Threads

Bed Threads is a US-based brand that offers pure 100% French Flax Linen Bedding Sets offered at an accessible price point. 

Bed threads focusses on offering a community rather than just a product. The “Journal” section is filled with content around home tours, recipes, articles about interiors, wellness, and sleep that is engaging and thoughtful. Another interesting thing that stood out is the “Build Your Own Bedding Bundle” page. We absolutely loved the animated images on hover with the specifications mentioned on the image itself. The customer reviews are listed below this section, which of course we appreciate. While there’s a lot going on for this site, Bed Threads makes it easy to narrow down.

9. Area Ware

Area Ware is an exclusive brand that offers objects and gifts for the home, work, and play. Area Ware has opted for a clean white minimal design for the website which makes their products stand out and it completely works in their favour. The pop colour creates a friendly and inviting appeal. 

Each product page has all the information about the product along with the designer’s information. We all agree, pop-ups can sometimes be annoying, therefore, we love how the email pop-up is placed right above the footer. 

10. Suite Number 8

Suite number 8 is an Indian decor brand creating unique capsule collections that allows you to check into vibrant locations/destinations/hotels through time. 

The website is beautifully designed and encapsulates the essence of the current capsule collection that is “Over the Moon, Under the Sun”. The use of the motifs on the homepage is something we absolutely adored in terms of design. The brand has consciously created a theme around the holiday season which brings everything together in a stunning manner. 

The vertical menu on the left also allows easy navigation and the brand stands out due to its branding, high-quality products, images, and overall creativity.

11. Hollywood at Home

Hollywood at Home is another furniture and textile brand started by Peter Dunham. This brand offers a trade discount to wholesalers which we found very interesting. They offer multiple pricing levels and customizable order minimums. Wholesale Club is a great app to introduce this feature to your Shopify store.

12. HarbourOutdoor

Harbour Outdoor is an Australian brand that creates furniture with unique design, incredible durability, and a deep sense of culture derived from the harsh climates that Australians call home.

The beautifully designed website has some amazing features like ‘Book a virtual showroom appointment” which is so relevant in the current times. They also offer a downloadable Tear Sheet which comes in handy for interior designers. Even though they have a wide range of products, their website is minimal and crisp.


As you may have noticed, there’s no fixed recipe to create a successful Shopify store. There are multiple ways to design your store as per your niche. Although these stores vary in their success, their features are something that every Home Decor store on Shopify must integrate in some way or the other to make it more appealing and shopping friendly. If you’re looking to refresh your Shopify store, we would love to help! Contact us.