5 Myths about Shopify’s Plus design limitations

A highly trusted ecommerce platform, Shopify Plus is used throughout the world. Unlike other Shopify versions, Shopify Plus is designed specifically for large businesses. Shopify Plus currently has more than 7000 brands on it, and approximately 10,900 checkouts occur each minute. Once you finish reading this article, there will be 65,866 orders from the Shopify […]

Shopify has launched its Global ERP Program for e-commerce stores

Shopify ERP program

Have you heard the news? As of October, Shopify’s Global ERP program made waves in the industry. In this article, we are going to summarize what this means for e-commerce businesses and why Shopify merchants should be excited. What is ERP? To understand the Shopify Global Program, it is necessary to first define an ERP […]