6 Brand Positioning Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses they won’t teach you at Harvard

In today’s day and age, having a well-built website or offering great discounts won’t always guarantee success. But, what will guarantee success is a unique branding strategy that gives you an edge over your competitors. It’s important to build your branding strategy and idolize your thoughts into one before diversifying your business.  The first thing […]

5 Packaging ideas for Online eCommerce Brands

packaging ideas

Packaging your product may seem like just another part of the delivery mechanism. But sometimes it is all the difference between a product and a brand. When it comes to building a brand – spending time on packaging pays off quite well. Think of it, most of the customer craze of having something delivered to the place comes from the “unboxing” part of it. There is a reason that there are now channels dedicated to removing the wrappers and opening the boxes of things. Perhaps, it was not so a decade ago. But, with packaging design becoming easy, and design standards established with services like Lumi, it is not very difficult to go the extra step and give your brand a personality.